About Us

Altima Contracting Ltd is an incorporated company and was established in 1998. With over 20 years’ experience, Altima Contracting ltd has built its asset base by specializing in drywall, steel stud, stucco, insulation, spray foam and T-bar for both residential and commercial buildings. Headed by Paul Athwal who has bachelor’s degree in engineering, his workforce is continually growing to ensure quality and timely completion of projects entrusted to him, as he confidently pride himself with a well trained staff of journeymen and apprentices. Since the start of the new millennium, the company has been involved in over hundred residential projects as it continues to work closely with developers on residential, commercial high rise towers and institutional building complexes in BC, and other areas. Additionally, Altima also carries out renovations as required by most municipal schools, restaurants and entertainment buildings.

Our Mission

We are “committed to excellence.”

Our Values

We have embraced corporate social responsibility and have made it an integral part of our business planning process and plans of action.

This defines how we live our values today and in future, it also defines the way we do business.

Safety and Sustainability

Altima Contracting Ltd Considers safety, including the safety of employees, equipment, and facilities, and contractors’ operations, to be of fundamental importance. Safety shall be an integral part of all aspects of every work activity including: planning, design, equipment and material specifications, procurement, construction, and maintenance. Management shall ensure Altima Contracting Ltd’s Occupational Health and Safety Program is implemented and maintained to industry standards. Employees, contractors, suppliers and consultants are required to co-operate in the implementation of our Occupational Health and Safety Program. No job is so urgent that it cannot be planned, executed safety, and performed within a framework of excellence. Altima Contracting Ltd ensures the works’ rights to safety include:

  • The right to be made aware of all hazards or risks affecting their work
  • The right to refuse any work that is not safe
  • The right to actively participate in safety management and hazard control
  • Only through the power of team work, can we achieve our goals and, in doing so, ensure a healthy and safe work environment.