• plaza500

    Plaza 500

  • mercer


  • madison


  • lane-street

    Lane Street Sales Center

  • midtown


  • crofton3

    Crofton House Junior School

  • canvas


  • alma-house

    Alma House

  • 3275-w22b

    3275 W 22 Avenue

  • 41east-hastings

    41 East Hastings

  • 1420-terry

    1420 Terry Ave

  • fairview-green

    Fairview Green

  • porter

    Porter Project

  • camber

    The Camber Project

  • copperstone


  • copperstone

    Garden City

  • mode


  • ferndale-townhouses

    Ferndale Townhouses

  • 789granville

    789 Granville Mall & Furture Shop

  • 1221-homer

    1221 Homer St at Davie

  • hamptons-park

    Hamptons Park (Phase I & II)

    Hamptons Park is a high-rise residential building, consisting of 18 storeys.

  • olive


    Olive Project is a residential building construction, consisting of 6 storeys.

  • granville-70

    Granville at 70th

    Granville at 70th includes 1 commercial building and 3 residential buildings.

  • 1061-broughton

    1061 Broughton (at Comox)

    1061 Broughton (at Comox)

  • granville-gardens

    Granville Gardens (49th & Granville):

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  • springbrook


    Springbrook project is a wooden framed townhomes construction, consisting of 2 levels.

  • kiwanis-garden

    Kiwanis Garden Village

    This project was developed for seniors housing and was general contracted by Vanmar Constructors Inc.

  • kore


    Kore project was a concrete structure building, consisting of 6 levels.

  • fitsimmons2

    Fitzsimmons Walk

    Fitzsimmons Walk was a wooden framed luxury townhomes project in Whistler. It includes 41 townhomes.

  • donovan


    Donovan is a high rise residential tower, comprising of 152 residential units and consisting of 18 storeys.

  • mantra


    Mantra is a high rise residential tower, comprising of 152 residential units and consisting of 18 storeys.

  • kinged-village

    King Edward Village

    King Edward Village Development was developed by Tri-Power Development and general contracted by Aquilini Construction.

  • lotus


    Lotus includes three 18-storey residential high-rises, which comprised of 94, 95, 94 units respectively, and 4 townhouses units.

  • brandwine

    Brandywine Lane

    Brandywine Lane project is a 3-storey wooden framed townhomes.

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